I am the former features editor of British Vogue and a contributing editor to Vogue India. I have written about design, fashion, beauty, contemporary art and design for every important print publication, fashion website as well as the best British newspapers.



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How Nancy Reagan Brought a Defiant Glamour to Her Role as First Lady,

11 March 2016


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Harper’s Bazaar

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Hollywood Reporter

Greta Garbo’s Colorful Secret Life, 12 December 2012



International New York Times

The Allure of the Unknown, 1 December 2015



Los Angeles Confidential

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New York Post

Stars and stargazers stay in LA for Oscar Week 20 February 2014



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T, the New York Times Style Magazine

City Haul, 11 August 2010



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Autant en emporte le temps 28 October 2015



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